we are playing gods

We are playing gods.

Enjoying infinite health, infinite debts and never-ending consumerism. 

But do we stop running the wheel? Do we take a look out of our cave to consider and value things that we have already done? 

When have we last time took a walk to the park instead of going to the shopping mall? When have we talked about life and feelings instead of chatting about fashion and stuff? When have we last time said a compliment to human being or nature instead of monopolist creation? Or simply, when have we last time bought a book instead of shoddy product on sale? 

When have we last time sincerely laughed, smiled, felt happy or did something we really enjoy? When have we last time did something to fill our soul instead of emptying our pockets? When have we last time felt living in an absolute freedom?

Who we are?
What is our aim? 

And what will we do after the fail of earning all money and buying everything we want? What will we do after disappointing society, family and finally ourself? 

What is the feeling of living an empty life? Isn't it… Empty?

This is not the time for comparisons or excuses. This is the time to rethink now, not in the deathbed. To do now, not tomorrow. Starting from yourself, not the others.

You are the free man to choose. You are the free man to live and to enjoy your presence. 

We have created society, which lives today not thinking about tomorrow. We have created values, which operate, in the destructive manner for all of us not leaving winners, only loosers in the long run. We removed limits of nature, demolished laws of harmony, becoming leftovers instead of creators.

And if you don't care about yourself or others remember that tomorrow, your child will arrive taking worse than you had. 

Try to spend less and live more, because in the end of the day, wealth worth nothing.


Justin Kisieliauskas